Monday, June 16, 2008

Wally's Adventures 2008

Dear friends, I have created a slide show of my road trip south from last week. My sidekick Wally and I enjoyed our travels and I hope you enjoy the pictures! It takes about six minutes to view the video; I have also posted the pics on Shutterfly. If you don't get an email about it feel free to ask me for the link. Thanks! Gretchen


Biz said...

okay, that made me laugh REALLY HARD! and it made me cry a little... i miss you already!
glad you had wally to keep you company! :)

Kit said...

Gretchen that was so funny! I'm glad that Wally was with you to remind you of all your friends in Boston...and I'm so glad to see glimpses of all your friends along the way.
We love you so much!